A Short Artist Statement
I I began my study of the arts as a child, in ballet. As an adult, I went to college and graduated on the deans list with a psychology major and Spanish minor. After teaching elementary school in California for 4 years, I felt I had not found my true strength. My young adulthood was filled with many experiments to find my interests. I made and sold clothing and jewelry, and taught dance.   Finally, I became interested in portrait photography and for twenty years, I made my living in that field.  On the side, I pursued painting, showing in San Francisco Bay Area venues, and mixed media conceptual art. With that, I had piece shown in a Bay Area museum.

Upon retiring in 1999 to move to San Luis Obispo, I have had the opportunity to continue my interest in painting and color. In my first two years as a member of the San Luis Obispo Art Center, I was honored with three awards. Two were from consecutive Brush Strokes shows, both best in acrylic, and one was from the watercolorist Aquarius show.

After twenty years as a professional photographer, I have returned to my childhood passions of painting and color. I paint in many mediums; watercolor, acrylic, pastel and oil. What a treat it is to play in these mediums! I love the food-like lusciousness, the living quality of paint. After I taste its colors, I wear it with satisfaction on my forearms and under my fingernails. In addition to the fun of art, its challenges also are ever present. This is why art provides me with a lifetime path of personal study. A Zen-like balance between technique and intuition, between work and play, are just a small part of what is required. Painting is always full of surprise and challenge. It is gratifying at times, but at others it is downright frustrating. This leads me to the question, “Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art?” Please pass me the cadmium red, and we’ll take a look!